Carbon Offsetting Projects & Carbon Footprint Studies

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Carbon offsetting contributes to reducing the carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions of an activity which takes place elsewhere, thus compensating for (offsetting) these emissions. There are two markets for carbon offsetting projects. The majority of projects are conducted for the Kyoto Protocol market. However, there are also carbon offsetting projects conducted for the voluntary market.

ACCEL undertakes carbon offsetting studies in the scope of its activities, in particular related to forests, grassland, pasture land, and cropland. ACCEL also manages the installation and carbon monitoring of those projects. These projects may include:

  • Carbon offsetting projects in forest, grassland, pasture, and cropland areas
  • Afforestation and reforestation projects according to the Clean Development Mechanism and monitoring of emissions/removals
  • Carbon footprint assessment of the production process of agricultural and forest products, in accordance with international and European standards

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